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Green Genie Spirits

Green Genie Spirits, so named because magic happens every time you uncork one of our bottles, are the creators of an award-winning range of hand-crafted bespoke drinks. Green Genie Gin is a smooth, citrus forward hand-crafted gin, delicately infused with green tea botanicals Green Genie Vodka, triple distilled from 100% molasses for unrivalled purity and smoothness, has light vanilla notes with a subtle dry finish of green tea. Enjoy 10% off our range today!


LOTCHA is an innovative way of fundraising by offering life changing prizes to customers whilst simultaneously funding the serious needs of The Brain Tumour Charity and The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.


In creating F.Y.G. it was important to produce not just another scented product but an immersive experience. Whilst each scent has a story and individual character to evoke memory, feeling and mood, it was equally important to create modern designs – to fit in with and subtly enhance any living space. And with all of that, F.Y.G. had to be sustainable. That is why each product is 100% natural and recyclable. So, I invite you to take your time, shop around, try out something new, and Find Your Glow.