Connect An Influencer – the new place for fans to have live video calls with their favourite celebs, stars and influencers

8 November 2022

Below Deck, Love Island stars, Instagram and Tik Tok influencers are among the first to join.

Connect an influencer is a new platform where, for the first time, fans can enjoy a private face-to-face meaningful video call with their favourite Tik Tok and Instagram stars.

Ricardo Hurtado
Jessica Hayes

The platform has already onboarded well-known social media personalities across industries like reality tv, movies, fashion, sports, music, fitness and more

Love Island’s first winner, Jessica Hayes, Below Deck stars Ciara Duggan and Gary King, Ricardo Hurtado of Malibu Rescue and School of Rock, as well as a wide variety of Instagram and Tik Tok influencers are among the first to sign up, letting them engage directly with their followers.

Other social media stars that have joined the platform include pilots, footballers, TV personalities and fashion influencers.

Connect An Influencer’s bespoke technology lets fans book one-to-one or one-to-many video calls with their favourite influencers. Sessions on the platform are curated and priced directly by the influencers, allowing them to select the duration and the number of bookings available on each call.

Through Connect An Influencer, influencers will have access to their own personal dashboards, allowing them to share ideas directly with their audiences and continue to build their following.

Fans can develop connections with the influencers they follow, breaking down communication walls and allowing them to engage in a new and more meaningful way.

All conversations are monitored, and payments are taken directly through the Connect An Influencer platform to ensure the safety of both influencers and fans.

Tom Leigh, Co-founder of Connect An Influencer®, commented: “Influencers are often overwhelmed by the number of DMs they get, and fans find it frustrating that their messages get ignored

“Connect An Influencer has created a new space where fans and influencers can connect safely and directly. This is next-level influencer/fan communication. CAI adds value for everyone that uses it. It lets fans get closer to their favourite influencer, and it helps influencers inspire their most devoted fans.”

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Below Deck, Love Island stars, Instagram and Tik Tok influencers are among the first to join.

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