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Influencer marketing: It’s all about connection

27 October 2022

Imagine waking up one day to find that you’re an influencer. What would you do?

We-e-e-ell, whatever you feel like, really. Think about your mood, and post something about it. Post something heart-warming for your followers, maybe? Or perhaps just post a selfie? 

Nowlet’s get real.

You have to realise that the way you appear on your social media is what drives your followers. They look forward to your content, they engage and love your posts, and they even try to interact on a certain level. 

It’s all about connection. The image you build up, your subject matter and the type of content you create, they all determine the kind of followers you have. 

And that needs persistence, consistency, effort, and a lot of hard work – as well as planning and extensive research. The most essential part of your role is communication and interaction. 

You might be able to gain followers, but sustaining them is a task that demands a regular visit (ideally, multiple times a day). You need to cater to your followers and make them feel like they’re part of a tribe. The authority you have over their interest shows how good an influencer you are. 

The name suggests it all. Influencer.

This is how you build a virtual connection with the masses. Meeting an influencer can be an ecstatic moment – but they have the power to actually meet you, unlike celebrities and sports stars. 

Followers are guided by, and dependent on, the influencer, and that is because of the content an influencer creates, and how it reaches people. And THAT is why having heartfelt, authentic connections with your followers matters. 

You have the power to take your audience with you wherever you go.

Influencer marketing is like celebrity branding. How so? Well, by using the platform of the influencer and their connections, a company can create more brand awareness and persuade potential customers to engage with their websites to increase traffic. By doing this, the company establishes its identity to the connections of the influencers. 

However, you must bear in mind that we’re not talking about a business-to-business deal, this is a process that is more subtle and humane, while also being totally professional. We are talking about human beings here – your followers are individuals with lives, feelings, requirements, and demands. You may interact with them only virtually, but they should be treated with dignity and the utmost respect.

Yes, it’s about a lot more than simply posting about your mood today!

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