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Forget about anybody who tells you beauty doesn’t matter. It does to you; you want to present your most beautiful face to the world. The best beauty creators can give you all sorts of advice. And wouldn’t it be great to have a personal consultation with a favourite person who can give you gold-plated tips about skin care, hair, make-up and styling? This is your chance to grab that kind of conversation, and all the fabulous advice that go with it.

Dani Levi

I'm Dani Levi, an artist and influencer working with top end brands, celebs and brides. I created a vegan and cruelty free cosmetics line called 'It's Dani Levi'. I'm excited to connect and will be available for product tutorials and Q&A sessions all about makeup.

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“This place is amazing! I can’t believe how much easier it is to talk to all my fans – it’s as if someone has just stepped in and taken all that distance away.

Now I can speak to the people who matter most to me and what I’m trying to do. And I can inspire them directly, on a truly personal level.”

Creator Jade, 25

“I’ve wanted for so long to actually talk to my favourite creator, but deep down I thought it probably wouldn’t ever happen.

“But it just did! Wow! It’s like a dream come true. It was such a great experience, I got so much out of our conversation. Thanks so much.”

Follower Rosie, 18

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