Mission Statement

By 2024 Connect An Influencer will be recognised as the leading online global creator platform for facilitating closer working relationships between market leading Creators, experts and Key Opinion Leaders and their followers.

Our roadmap starts with our mission to:

  • Connect creators and followers in an intuitive, safe and secure way.
  • Inspire moments of joy and closeness by connecting aspiration to inspiration – create real value, in real time by video streaming, either one to one or one to many.

Our Brand

The brand will be associated with:

  • Bringing credit to both the platform and the wider industry by discharging all its’ responsibilities in a professional, ethical and charitable way.
  • Creators and their followers will experience a winning network designed to create mutual enduring relationships by the implementation of intuitive and easy to use technology
  • Being an excellent place for people to work hard, inspiring, caring yet highly effective, fast moving and great fun.
  • Being a responsible ‘citizen’ by caring about our planet and will help in building and supporting our charity of choice, Tree Nation.

Our Ethos

Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Openness & Service

Our Journey So Far

Number one

It all started with a chance meeting on a plane

Number two

Tally had created one of the UK’s first solo infuencer agencies

Number three

Tom was a marketer with an entrepreneurial drive and flair

Number four

As they talked, they realised there was a gap in the market

Number five

A gap? No, a gulf – between infuencers and their devoted followers

Number six

So, they set up CAI to bring the two sides closer together.

To help fans build a personal relationship with their favourites

Number seven

And enable infuencers to achieve even more, well, infuence

Number eight

They built a team to ensure it could all come together.

Now fans can book exclusive 1-2-1 video calls with infuencers

Number nine

Yes, a real-time conversation, not just a piece of video content

Number ten

You don’t need a subscription – just make a booking and it’s on!


Natalia Miller



Becoming an entrepreneur at a young age, and setting up one of the first fashion influencer agencies in the UK, Natalia has a vast understanding about the importance of social media. When not attending high end events and being treated by clients, she is crying over supporting Everton FC.

tom leigh



Having walked the ramp for brands like Missoni & Tom Ford from a young age and setting up an award winning digital marketing agency in London, Tom takes brands to the next level in paid advertisements and Amazon sales. When not directing the fate of brands through the ever changing digital landscape, he is busy perfecting his bathroom selfie.

Martin Booth



If grey hairs were music, Martin would be a symphony orchestra. Brings a dash of seniority and experience to the team. Writes a bit, but rumours that he went to school with Shakespeare are as yet unproven.


A property surveyor by profession, Jonathan has an incurable optimism for business ventures and Everton FC, both of which have had major successes coupled with too many periods of inactivity. CAI is the latest adventure.


With over 40 years experience in the IT industry and with two company exits under his belt, Mike can be described as a serial entrepreneur who loves being involved with exciting technology startups. The latest being Connect An Influencer. In his spare time, Mike enjoys karting, travelling, making bread, family time and is an avid Star Trek fan.


David is an entrepreneur who built his previous business to a turnover of £80m. He employed 300+ staff which culminated in a profitable exit. He's mad keen on footie, gardening, golf and backgammon, in-addition to professional eating, drinking and always ready for a singsong.