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Book A Live Video Call With Your Favourite Creator

Why DM When You Can Connect Through Live Video? LV Is The New DM

Fans: Book Exclusive 1-2-1 Video Calls

You want to get closer to your favourite creators and enjoy meaningful engagement with them. And right here is where you can make it happen!

Creators: Inspire Your Followers

This is a new way to deliver real value to your audience. We’re removing the distance between you so that you can get your message across and inspire them.

Thorough Vetting for Safety and Security

Set up exclusive live video calls with total peace of mind. We vet everybody – creators and fans – and that way, you get full value from every meeting.

Creators Across Global Industries

We’re here for creators in beauty. For the top names in lifestyle, sport, and music all over the world. You’ll meet leaders in finance, gaming and crypto. You name it, you’ll find it!

For Fans For Fans and For Influencers

For Fans

Wouldn’t you love to be closer to your top creator? Now you can be. At Connect An Influencer, we break down the barriers between creators and followers. Instead of sending that person you admire from afar a hopeful DM, this is your chance to meet them. To actually have a face-to-face video chat with them. We’re cutting the distance between you and your favourites!

For Influencers

For Creators

This is a new way for you to connect with your audience. Whether you fancy a video chat with your biggest fans, or want to launch a product to the ideal select audience, Connect An Influencer is for you. It’s a new-age connection to followers, an opportunity that will enable you to share your story and values – and to inspire them on a personal level.


Emily Pearl, Creator

“Connect An Influencer is a great concept, and it's really well built. For all creators out there, this platform allows you to communicate with your audience in a completely new way. I highly recommend!”

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Follower Rosie, 18

“I’ve wanted for so long to actually talk to my favourite creator, but deep down I thought it probably wouldn’t ever happen.”

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Creator Alan, 22

“Connect An Influencer is just what I’ve been looking for. This is a place that takes away so much of the difficulty of connecting with my key demographic.”

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Fan Izzy, 17

“My friends are just so jealous. They couldn’t believe me when I told them I was having a video call with our number one creator.”

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